At the International Kidney Stone Institute, our goal is nothing less than the cure.

Sandy Miller

Since the early 1980s, I have experienced severe kidney pain. What my early doctors diagnosed as urinary tract infections just kept getting worse, making it nearly impossible to function normally. I finally was diagnosed with kidney stones at about the same time I met a young urologist at the Indiana University Medical Center, where I worked. When Dr. James Lingeman set up his practice at Methodist Hospital, where he treated kidney stone patients with a new machine called a lithotriptor, I followed him in hopes and prayers that maybe this treatment would bring me some relief.

Lithotripsy and Dr. Lingeman's compassionate care literally changed my life. From my first treatment, when he removed just a few stones, to follow-up treatments that removed more than 500 stones from each kidney, Dr. Lingeman and his caring staff have stayed with me, even though I wasn't always the most conscientious patient. I admit to returning for treatment only when the pain got really bad, until Dr. Lingeman finally convinced me that the progress they had made in kidney stone treatment would only benefit me if I followed doctor's orders every day.

Thanks to the research of Dr. Lingeman and other experts, the last 10 years have been good to me. I am now on a low oxalate diet, taking four effective medications religiously and am drinking lots and lots of water daily. My condition even has a definitive diagnosis – renal tubular acidosis. Before this program, I was virtually homebound, which was hard on my personal life and my career. Now, because of my treatment program, I have only about two stone episodes a year and can travel without fear of the disease that once had complete control over my life.

I'm confident that Dr. Lingeman and his fellow scientists with the International Kidney Stone Institute are going to find a cure for kidney stone disease. Until they do, they will continue to find better ways to treat kidney stone sufferers. I hope everyone will support their research, dedication and compassion, so they can continue to make a difference in people's lives like they have in mine.