At the International Kidney Stone Institute, our goal is nothing less than the cure.

Distinguished External Advisors and Consultants

  • Richard Babayan, M.D.

    – Boston University School of Medicine
  • David Blackstock, Ph.D.

    – University of Texas at Austin
  • Ed Carstensen

    – University of Rochester
  • Dominique Cathignol, Ph.D.

    – INSERM (Lyon, France)
  • Wolfgang Eisenmenger, Ph.D.

    – Stuttgart University (Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Yochiro Matsumoto, Ph.D.

    – The University of Tokyo Hongo (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Henry Wise, M.D.

    – American Kidney Stone Management (Columbus, OH)
  • Pei Zhong, Ph.D.

    – Duke University