At the International Kidney Stone Institute, our goal is nothing less than the cure.

Advisory Board

  • Drew Carey

    – Marketing and Communications Manager, ING
  • Fredric L. Coe, M.D.

    - University of Chicago , Professor of Medicine, Medical Director, Kidney Stone Prevention Program and Director, Clinical Research Training Program
  • James Davis, D.D.

    – Retired Executive Director of United Methodist Children's Home, Lebanon , Indiana
  • Daniel F. Evans, Jr.

    – Chairman and CEO, Clarian Health Partners
  • Richard E. Hamilton, D.D.

    – Retired Minister, United Methodist Church
  • Stephen Jay, M.D.

    – Professor of Medicine and Public Health, Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Bruce Kidd

    - Walker Research
  • David O. Mann

    - General Partner, Spring Mill Venture Partners
  • Ronald L. Meeusen, Ph.D.

    - Managing Director, IN Partners, LLC
  • Gary Schahet

    – President, Schahet Hotels
  • Mark Sherman

    – VP/Senior Consultant, Benefit Consultants, Inc
  • Tuck Schulhof

    - Retired Indianapolis Executive
  • Betty Stilwell

    –President, Methodist Health Foundation
  • A. Scott Willis

    - Telamon
  • Gordon Wishard

    – Attorney-at-Law, Ice Miller LLP
  • Stephen P. Zinkan

    – Partner, Zinkan and Barker Development Company