At the International Kidney Stone Institute, our goal is nothing less than the cure.


What are the milestones in stone disease research and treatment?

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Through a unique partnership initiated in the 1980s between physicians and researchers at Methodist Hospital of Indiana and Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis has become a center for excellence in research on kidney stone disease. To build upon the significant early work of these kidney stone experts, urologist James E. Lingeman, M.D. and kidney researcher Andrew P. Evan, Ph.D. established the International Kidney Stone Institute in 2004, to guide research in stone disease and to channel resources toward projects that deliver positive results in stone disease treatment and prevention. The International Kidney Stone Institute recognizes the accomplishments of kidney researchers and physicians who have:

  • Pioneered advances in minimally invasive treatments to clear stones from the body.
  • Dramatically refined the medical management of stone patients.
  • Localized the site of stone formation in the kidney, a critical step toward developing strategies to prevent stones from forming.